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Hawkeye Sky-Cycle Statue

Gentle Giant presents this representation of Hawkeye on his Avengers Sky-Cycle. This large statue stands 12.5 inches tall and is made of high quality polystone. It is hand painted and also includes a certificate of authenticity

The sky-cycle first appeared in Hawkeye #1. Modeled after a commercial snow mobile, it was designed to give Hawkeye the advantage of speedy flight while freeing up his hands for using his bow and arrows. The sky-cycle uses voice-controlled commands. Used to great success by Hawkeye, the sky-cycle has been reproduced and used by other non-flying members of the Avengers.

If you haven’t read the first Hawkeye mini-series in which the sky-cycle first appeared, it’s highly recommended. Not only is it a great story by Mark Gruenwald and Brett Breeding, it is the first time we see Hawkeye and Mockingbird together. The story has been collected in a great hardcover edition.

The Hawkeye Sky-Cycle statue can be ordered now!