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Sunfire Statue from Bowen Designs

Release Date: June 2012

The Sunfire statue from Bowen Designs is now available!

Sunfire is an anti-hero mutant in the Marvel Universe. Created by Roy Thomas and Don Heck, Sunfire (whose true identity is Shiro Yoshida) first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #64 in 1970. As a mutant, Sunfire has the ability to absorb solar radiation. He can then convert that radiation and then ionize matter into plasma. The plasma becomes flame when it is exposed to oxygen.

Attitude-wise, Sunfire’s a real peach. He’s arrogant and doesn’t work well with others. He has been on the X-Men team briefly, but it never has lasted long.

This statue is sculpted by Khurram Alavi of Bowen Designs and stands 15″ tall. It is cast in high-quality polystone. Be sure to order this statue now, because the fiery mutant is sure to disappear fast!