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Iron Patriot Statue from Gentle Giant

From the the blockbuster hit, IRON MAN 3, comes the IRON PATRIOT Statue!

In the comics, the Iron Patriot first appeared in Dark Avengers #1 and was none other than Norman Osborn, the arch-enemy of Spider-Man. Sometime later, the armor came to be worn by James Rhodes. The armor was also worn by James Rhodes in the IRON MAN 3 film.

This statue is digitally sculpted by Gentle Giant Ltd. They used the original CGI data from the IRON MAN 3 film to accurately replicate the fantastic look of this armored hero. The mid-action pose brings to light the many points of illumination, which includes the arc reactor on the chest as well as the repulsor gloves. This limited edition statue is hand-painted and each is numbered accompanied with a certificate of authenticity.

Available: December 31, 2014