Darkseid Injustice 2 Statue

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Darkseid DC Comics Statue – $1,249.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

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“Surrender to Darkseid or face death.”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio present the 1:4 scale Darkseid Statue from the popular video game Injustice 2.

Darkseid is a DLC villain and the Bigger Bad of the game. He is the devil incarnate, the lord of Apokolips, and a father of his deceased son Kalibak. Darkseid arrived on Earth because Superman killed his son to go after the Anti-Life Equation held by Wonder Woman. He has many abilities like his comic version, can summon Parademons, and can even teleport to knock his opponent’s clear across the screen.

The Darkseid Statue is sculpted in exquisite detail, featuring interchangeable arms offering multiple display options. The Exclusive Edition of Darkseid also includes an alternate angry portrait.

DC Injustice 2 fans, don’t miss your chance to add Darkseid to your collection!

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