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Rogue Danger Room Sessions Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya

Rogue X-Men Danger Room Sessions Fine Art Statue from Marvel and Kotobukiya


New to the Danger Room Sessions collection of Fine Art Statues from Kotobukiya comes Rogue, the beautiful mutant with the ability to absorb the powers and memories of those she touches skin on skin. In this Danger Room session, she has laid waste to one of the Sentinels and is ready to take on more challenges.

Sculpted by Erick Sosa, Rogue is dressed in her Jim Lee era green and yellow costume, and wears her signature brown leather jacket. There is also a change-out head to this statue which gives her an additional look for display. This statue measures approximately 12″ H.

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Maximum Carnage Fine Art Statue from Statue

Kotobukiya presents Carnage — one of Spider-Man’s most deadliest foes. Carnage is actually Cletus Kasady, a homicidal maniac who merged with part of the Venom symbiote to become a ruthless powerful killer. First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man #344, Carnage went on to plague Spider-Man many more times, including the Maximum Carnage storyline where the villain recruited additional supervillains and gave them the Carnage powers.

This statue is sculpted by Erick Sosa and stands about 9 inches tall.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya is available to order!

Yoshimitsu is a video game character who has appeared in every version of the Tekken game series. He is a ninja warrior and leader of the Manji Clan, and proven to be one of Tekken’s most popular characters.

The Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video game has already been released to Japan arcades, and it will come to platforms such as the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 during the holiday season 2012.

This statue inspired by the game is sculpted by Japanese artist Takayuki Takeya. Yoshimitsu stands 14″ tall himself, but on top of the severed mechanoid head, the piece is 21.5″ high!

Gear up for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 by ordering the Tekken Tag 2 Tournament Yoshimitsu Fine Art Statue from Kotobukiya today!