Cyclops Premium Format™ Figure

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“All right. Let’s move, X-Men.”

Sideshow presents the Cyclops Premium Format™ Figure. The polyresin Cyclops Premium Format™ Figure measures 17” tall, standing atop an icy tundra base that has been seared down the center by a powerful attack.

Cyclops features a fully sculpted costume inspired by his 90s era X-Men Blue team uniform. Scott Summers has a sculpted blue bodysuit with yellow gloves, boots, trunks, and a utility and shoulder belt featuring red “X” belt buckles.

Cyclops also features a focused and an enraged portrait as well as three unique visor configurations- the standard visor, the optic blast visor, and the post-blast sizzle effect visor- giving you multiple display options.

Keep your eyes on the prize and bring home the Cyclops Premium Format™ Figure for your universe of Marvel collectibles today!

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