Gambit Maquette

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Gambit Marvel Maquette – $685.00
from: Sideshow Inc.

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“Playin’ for keeps is still playin’, mon ami. So, take a card- any card!”

Sideshow presents the Gambit Maquette. The Gambit Maquette measures 21” tall as the ragin’ Cajun jumps over a giant mechanical claw emerging from the Danger Room base. Purple bursts of kinetic energy explode out of the weapon as Remy LeBeau flings several charged-up playing cards into the fray, holding his bo staff in the other hand.

The polyresin Gambit Maquette features a fully-sculpted costume, including a purple and black bodysuit, armored silver boots, and silver accents that all highlight his muscular physique. The legendary thief also wears a highly-detailed and dynamically sculpted trench coat designed to mimic the appearance of actual fabric. Gambit’s open-cowled portrait features sculpted flowing hair, stubble detailing on his chin, and even his signature black and red eyes.

up your Marvel collection, mon ami, and bring home the scene-stealin’ Gambit Maquette today!