Logan Premium Format™ Figure

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“Please allow me to introduce myself properly- You interrupted my drink!”

It’s an all-out brawl on the bar room floor, bub! Sideshow presents the Logan Premium Format™ Figure.

The Logan Premium Format™ Figure measures 15” tall as the ferocious mutant flexes his metal claws in the middle of a dive bar scene featuring a broken barstool, shattered bottle, and several billiards balls scattered on the sculpted wooden floor.

The polyresin Logan Premium Format™ Figure features a mixed media costume application, with carefully tailored fabric pants and a sculpted white muscle shirt with realistic textures along with wear and tear from the fight.

Wolverine’s stout and muscular physique is captured in immense detail here, with bulging veins and his signature dark and shaggy hair as he lunges forward and lets out a raging snarl.

SNIKT! Don’t miss your chance to sink your claws into the Logan Premium Format™ Figure and add him to your universe of Marvel collectibles.

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