Sabretooth Premium Format™ Figure

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“You wanted a war? Sabretooth just gave ya a war.”

Sideshow presents the Sabretooth Premium Format™ Figure, joining the brotherhood of our X-Men Collection. The Sabretooth Premium Format™ Figure measures 18” tall as the intimidating Victor Creed lunges into action on an icy tundra base, which features a bear skull and claw-slashed log embedded in the snow.

The polyresin Sabretooth Premium Format™ Figure features a fully sculpted costume with detailed, realistic texturing to mimic the look of his yellow and brown bodysuit with sculpted fur trim. His snarling portrait has long, shaggy hair and massive muttonchops framing his oversized fangs from around his brown cowl. Sabretooth’s sharp claws emerge from textured brown gloves, each tipped with a massive elbow spike for tearing into his targets.

Claw out a space for the Sabretooth Premium Format™ Figure in your universe of Marvel collectibles today!