The Joker Statue

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“Without Batman, crime has no punchline.” Sideshow presents The Joker Statue, the latest DC Comics collectible scheming his way into the Animated Series Collection. Based on his iconic animated appearance, The Joker Statue measures 17” tall as the Clown Prince of Crime stands atop a toxic vat of noxious green chemicals, holding out a maniacally grinning Joker Fish while dropping a variety of Joker face cards into the acid below. The Joker Statue features a sculpted costume, vibrantly painted in his signature color scheme.  His dapper purple suit jacket and pants are complimented by a sculpted orange vest, a pink lapel flower, and a blue bowtie along with a pair of spats and white gloves.  In the middle of having a laugh, The Joker’s pale portrait is accented by his trademark red grin and coiffed green hair. His body language and design perfectly embody the beloved art style of The Joker in animated form, making this statue a must-have for fans. Keep ‘em laughing all the way to your DC Comics collection and order The Joker Statue today!