The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure

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“Remember my face. It’s the last thing you’re ever going to see…”

Sideshow presents The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure.

The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure measures 22” tall as Frank Castle descends the staircase of Kingpin’s manor, clutching a splintered baseball bat to deliver his brand of vigilante justice to a criminal operation. The monogrammed initials “W. F.” can be seen on the damaged stone pillar while Fisk’s iconic diamond-topped cane rests amid the ruin of crumbled stone and gold shell casings.

The resin Punisher Premium Format™ Figure features a sculpted costume with realistic fabric-like textures and fatigue, complete with a skull symbol shirt and distressed pants.  The Punisher also comes outfitted with a variety of tactical gear, including pouches, grenades, a heavy machine gun, and a freshly-fired pistol, which has a  plume of skull-shaped smoke rising from the barrel.

Bring vigilante justice to your Marvel collectibles and order The Punisher Premium Format™ Figure today!