Weapon X Statue

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Weapon X Marvel Statue – $319.99
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Sideshow and Kotobukiya are proud to present the Weapon X Fine Art Statue! Sculpted by Erick Sosa, this finely crafted statue depicts a grieving Wolverine who has escaped from the research facility where he was subjected to Experiment X, a brutal experiment that involved bonding the mutant’s skeleton with admantium and erasing his memories. The statue recreates the scene where the fugitive mutant is running down a snowy mountain road after his escape, which is considered to a crucial point in the character’s storyline. The diorama base is modeled after the harsh winter environment in the remote area of Alberta, Canada where Department K is located. Although the motif of the statue differs from the statues of the – Danger Room Sessions- series, Weapon X fits perfectly alongside the other X-Men Fine Art Statues.

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